Afghanistan Tourist Visa Requirements For U.S. Citizens
Non U.S. citizens should contact Skyline Passport $ Visa for the correct requirements


  1.  Skyline Passport $ Visa order form

      You need to fill out this order form online, print it, and then mail it to us with the rest of the documents below.

   2. Visa application

       Visa Application Form (Dari).pdf

       Visa Application Form (English).pdf

       Submit 1 copy of the visa application form. Print, sign, and fill out completely.

   3. Passport photos

       Submit 2 passport photos. Photos must be 2×2, color, with a plain light or white background, and show a full front            view of the face.

   4. Current passport - Signature field must be signed and passport must have at least 6 months validity from day of                return.

   5. Airline tickets or itinerary

       Copy of airline tickets or itinerary showing arrival and departure dates.

   6. HIV test results are required upon arrival to Iraq. Test results must be certified from the Consulate Section of the Iraq        Embassy in Washington, DC and taken within 30 days of intended travel date.

   7. Clear copy of passport information page.

  • if you are a U.S. alien resident, provide a copy of your Green Card.

   8. Fees can be paid via check or credit card.

       Embassy Fee

       Visa Type 12-15 Days Processing

       Single Entry $160


   9. Skyline Passport & Visa Fee

      Regular Process (12-15 Days) $75.00

   10. Return Shipping Fee

        FedEx 2-Day DeliveryFedEx      $25.00

        FedEx Overnight Delivery         $35.00 

        Will Provide Return Label         $0.00

        Will Pickup In-Person               $0.00